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First Winter

In the Pacific Northwest

We Survived

It’s been six months since Julia and I left California for Oregon. Our first winter is almost over and the good news is we survived it.

And we liked it.

Julia at White River

As advertised, there was lots of rain, but we expected that (in fact wanted it). However, it was much colder, at times, than we had expected, and we were even snowed in for a week; we weren’t expecting that. Still, all-in-all, we enjoyed winter in our new home, it is snug and cozy, and has everything we need, including a studio for our many hobbies.

There were several sunny days, but because they were so rare, we wasted no time taking advantage of them. We explored our new state and found we love its natural beauty, culture, and amazing geology.

White River

Some things we accomplished were to: visit one of Oregon’s numerous wineries, hike its rugged and sandy coast, visit some of the many volcanos that surround us, and snowshoed and hike the many, many lush green rain forests that engulf us. What an amazing wonderland Oregon is, and it’s fun even in mid-winter.

Julia over the Willamette River

We not only changed states, but we also changed to a much more urban lifestyle too. We are now only a short walk from our grocery shopping, restaurants, parks, gardens, and the two stupendous rivers that divide Portland up.

The virus is complicating everyone’s lives and it is affecting us too. Like so many other places small businesses, like restaurants are closed at the moment, but I feel sure that once the virus is no longer a risk they will return.

Our neighborhood looks like it was a buzzing place before the pandemic, I’m confident the bustle will return, one day.

Julia and I wait with great anticipation for summer. After 30 years in the sunny California weather, we’d become complacent to sunshine and blue skies. We hope to return to these for the next six months, or so, as we travel through spring and summer in our new home.

Things I like about Portland:

‣ Accessibility to wild space (We are only 1.5 hours’ drive from Mt Hood)

‣ The culture and people (Portland is more Berkley than Berkley)

‣ The urban forest and enthusiasm for gardening

Spring has srung

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Regards Julia and David.


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