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Lawson (Mick) Millett

1930 to 2023

Mick Millett grew up in an orphanage. His mother had two girls from her first marriage and when Mick’s father left them, his mother could not look after him, so she put him in the orphanage. It was a different time in the 1930’s and women had it even worse than today. This is not an excuse for what she did, but just a reality of the time.

He lived in the orphanage until his early teen years when he was placed with a family on a farm. Mick was basically a serf to the farmer; however, he was free of the orphanage and liked farm work.

Mick on the left

The farmer was cruel and did not want Mick to be part of his family, just a worker on his farm. So, when Mick turned of age, he left the farm and joined the Royal Navy.

He served in the Royal Navy all over the world and saw action in the Korean War. He was proud of his service and would often tell stories of his time at sea to my brothers and me. Unfortunately, he learned to drink hard in the Navy.

While in the Navy Mick met my mother Matilda in England. They were married shortly thereafter. He stayed in the Navy for a short time and then I was born and a year later my brother Lawrence. Matilda already had a son, John, who completed our family.


Mick and Matilda wanted to leave England and move to Australia. And so, in 1960 the family emigrated to Australia.

Mick now had three sons, a wife, no education, and little experience of this new and strange country. However, Mick found work in many jobs and always supported his family. These days were very difficult for Mick, and he did behave badly at times, but the family stayed together.

Much later when Matilda got very ill from Parkinson's disease Mick dedicated his life to care for her until her death.

Mick was very lost when Matilda passed away. He had spent 20 years caring for her and much longer than that married to her.

 Mick and Matilda

Eventually he met Verna, and they lived together on Verna’s property for many years. Mick’s new home took him back to his days on the farm and he loved looking after the small property.

Mick died on February 26, 2023, of complications from hip surgery. He had been healthy and active for most of his life.

He had had a hard life, but a good one. He overcame adversity and addiction and became a wonderful person. He had a crazy and wicked sense of humor. He loved his family, and we will always remember him.

Verna, Mick, and me

Goodbye dad.


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