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American Republicans

the most antisocial group, ever

Can this be true?

Given the support freely offered by American Republicans to the most authoritarian, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic President of all time; it seems appropriate, and quite reasonable, to label American Republicans as the most antisocial group, in the history of humanity.

In times gone by, past groups of humans have produced some very unattractive and dastardly people. If I were to try and list them here I would surely run out of space. These past humans have done some dreadful things. But, American Republicans today are certainly as dishonorable as these previous groups, if not in direct action at least in their inaction. And American Republicans have exceled in one area above all these previous basket of deplorables, they are supremely antisocial. They have in fact excelled at being antisocial to a level of being sociopathic.

What does it mean to take on this designation?

The word antisocial is an adjective that possesses two meanings, here is its first:

Contrary to the laws and customs of society; devoid of or antagonistic to sociable instincts or practices.

Synonyms of this first meaning of the word antisocial are:

‣ Sociopathic, distasteful, disruptive, rebellious, misanthropic, asocial.

The word’s second meaning is:

‣ Not sociable; not wanting the company of others.

A list of synonyms that relate to its second meaning are:

‣ Unsociable, unfriendly, uncommunicative, reclusive, withdrawn, avoidant; informal, standoffish.

It’s not clear that every American Republican can be accused of the word’s second meaning, but every person who associates themselves with American Republican’s selfish ideologies, certainly conform, all too well, with its first meaning.

American Republicans unquestionably are acting contrary to the laws and customs of American society; at least the American society that I thought true when I decided to become an American citizen. American Republicans are too, devoid of or antagonistic to imagined American sociable instincts or practices. Their support of the current President’s antisocial agenda confirms this.

In addition to American Republican’s antisocial agenda they also support a President that is mentally ill. Why would they choose to do this? There are two answers to this question. The first is that American Republicans are as mentally ill as the President himself. The second, which is more likely, is that they will support a mad man if it means they can achieve their political agenda. And what is their political agenda?

‣ Tax cuts for wealthy Americans.

‣ Elimination of all forms of support for the poor and incapacitated, including healthcare.

‣ Supporting industry at the expense of the environment, human health and safety.

‣ Promotion of any idea that takes advantage of a disadvantaged group.

‣ The continued expansion of American empire across the world with complete disregard to human rights.

‣ Continued support of and expansion of systemic racism.

In supporting a deranged President to achieve these goals American Republicans have now, publicly, absorbed into their despicable group all the President’s traits: authoritarianism, homophobia, misogyny, and xenophobia. And so, American Republicans have become the most antisocial group in the history of humanity.

If you consider yourself an American Republican, but refuse to take on this disgraceful mantel. Then my advice to you is to disassociate yourself from this despicable group and their abhorrent collection of antisocial ideologies.


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