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Film Screening

The Root Cause

01/05/2017, Berkeley

Quite a good crowd came to the screening

Julia and I attended the screening of our documentary film The Root Cause on this cold and wintery evening. Transition Berkeley graciously hosted the event at The Fellowship Hall to a very reasonable crowd of around 70 people.

The film was well received and even prompted a spontaneous round of applause at times. This was much more than we'd expected and greatly appreciated.

It was fun meeting people as the hall filled up

After the screening, we held a question and answers session made up of a panel consisting of Julia and myself, and two of the speakers in the film: Dr. Nik Sawe and Mike Osborne.

Thank you, Mike and Nik for braving the traffic and cold weather to attend our screening.

Here are links to see our film online: The Root Cause on Vimeo , The Root Cause on Amazon .


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