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Melbourne Australia

Visiting Family

Monday, July 30 to Tuesday, July 31 2007

A very long flight.

I left Santiago Chile on Monday July 30th at 10:45 pm and arrived in Melbourne Australia via Auckland New Zealand on Wednesday August 1 at 8:30 am.

This seems a very long time to travel but in fact it was only about 19 hours of elapsed time. I guess 19 hours is a long time.

Wednesday August 01 2007

I got off the LAN flight from Santiago Chile to Auckland New Zealand around about 4:00 am local time. I actually slept on the flight which for me is very unusual. After having a coffee at the Auckland airport I waited in the airport transit lounge for a couple of hours and was soon on my way to Melbourne Australia.

Melbourne on a cloudy morning.

Melbourne looked quite beautiful as we flew in on our approach to land at Tullamarine airport. But then I have not seen it in awhile so I guess I was a bit nostalgic.

My brother John and my Dad picked me up from the Melbourne airport. We had a coffee, packed my bags in the car and headed to Frankston, well actually Pearcedale where John and Di live. My dad and Verna live very close by so we all had lunch at John's home and chatted, joked, and generally caught up.

John, Di, Dad, and Verna.

My other brother Lawrence came over that night and we chatted, joked, and generally caught up too. At about 9:00 pm local time I had completely run out of gas and went to bed. I slept undisturbed until 5:30 am the next day when I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Thursday August 02 2007

John and Di took me into Frankston with them. They completed some chores and I did a bit of window shopping. I had an early night in anticipation of the trip to Mount Hotham the next day and skiing in the Australian Snowy Mountains.


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