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Homo Cosmiens:


Alano grew up to be a short, stocky, and muscular man. His joyful face revealed a hint of cruelty. His short black hair and square features enhanced his masculinity. Adding to his manliness where his thick black bushy eyebrows, which contrasted against his chocolate brown skin.

Alano remembered vividly the Franciscan orphanage where the brothers had raised him. He remembered the lonely nights in his straw bed; the endless lessons about religion. The Franciscans constantly reminded Alano how sinful and worthless he was and bombarded him with biblical stories. Nevertheless, he learnt to read by studying the bible. He began to learn about God and to love him. The stories he read were violent and confusing, but they offered an escape from the real violence of the people around him. He knew nothing about facts, history, reason, or science; and more importantly, he knew little about love. Love for himself, or for others. He knew only of his love of God.

The only choice available to him after leaving the orphanage was to join the army. He really wanted to preach, but that was not an option. It was while in the army that he lost his hand to a grenade. It was a terrible and painful event. Ultimately, the injury saved him from almost certain death as a soldier. His discharge forced him to make a living outside of the army. Losing his hand only confirmed his view of suffering in the world. "God gives it to us to strengthen us," he thought.

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