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Continental Drifting:

AFRICA: Game parks

The Big Five African Game species plus the ubiquitous hippopotamus

I am Africa's many game parks. I am committed to conserving African wildlife and their habitats. I am filled to overflowing with free ranging wild animals. I have many creatures to see; come experience my diversity of species, my lions, hyenas, cheetahs, buffalo, deer, elephants, camels, gorillas, birds, buffalo, giraffes, wild dogs and more. My ranges cover gigantic open grasslands, desert dunes, sparse woodlands, dense forests, river deltas, mighty rivers, mountains, and wondrous waterways.

Springs in Africa, a poem by Raymond A. Foss:

A prayer for the continent

that there would be springs in Africa

that the land would know waters

rising from the ground

that the dry places

the deserts blooming

alive and recovering

hope for these people

living in strife

no more drought

waters flowing from heaven

wells and plants

to bring clean water

to the people

without war or extortion

all to be fed

all to be given water

life giving water

all to have

enough water to drink


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