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Living Book Web Site

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Julia enjoying the snow

After much work and many hours of HTML research I've finally finished bringing my Living Book web site into the twenty first century.

The site now contains some 284 pages of journal and articles about Julia and my travels, adventures, events, accomplishments, and rants. The site has amassed some 1,897 photographs and over 500 videos of our travels, adventures, and art.

It seems with web sites that it is a never-ending process to maintain and update them, this has certainly been the case for me since I started it back in 2007. However, Julia and I plan to keep posting our travels, adventures, events, accomplishments, and rants to the site.

Me enjoying New Zealand

The best way to learn of new content on the site is to join our email-group. Also, you can follow us on:






As always, please enjoy our Living Book web site and do let us know what you think.

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