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Homo Cosmien


Sunlight drifted softly through the window. With it came a gentle warm breeze that blew the curtains about like a pair of Spanish dancers in a twirling embrace. The faint sound of tropical birds echoed from the rain forest outside, and the sun rose in the clear blue sky; it was a new day.

A gentle voice whispered in his head, "Kojo, Kojo it is time to get up sir."

An elderly cosmien rolled over in his bed and pulled a pillow over his head; his long gray hair entangled in the twisted cushion.

"Kojo you have your lecture this morning at eleven. You do not want to be late sir," continued the voice in Kojo's head.

"Go away, can't you see I"m sleeping," grumbled Kojo without extracting his head from its new soft home. A quiet buzzing sound began and got louder until Kojo could bear it no more. He turned in bed and sat up. His long silver hair dangled in tangles about his shoulders. His wrinkled face contorted into a wide yawn. As he shook off sleep, his calm and intelligent expression returned.

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