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London Second Visit


Friday, February 1, 2008

The Tower Bridge from the river.

David S. and Mary drove us to London to have lunch with Rona and Keith good friends of theirs and now I am happy to say good friends of mine too. After lunch David S. and Mary dropped us off at Paul and Wendy's home in Westminster were we will stay until Monday when our flight leaves for Japan.

It was so great to see Wendy and Paul again but it was also sad to say goodbye to Mary and David S. who have been such great hosts to us and fantastic travel friends. See you both in March when we will safari with you in South Africa.

Paul and Wendy are hard working doctors. Julia and I cannot thank them enough for going to the trouble of making us all a delicious roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner after they had both put in a full work day. Thank you Wendy and Paul!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lenka and Sacha.

Wendy and Paul left for a family get-together in Devon this morning leaving their lovely home in Westminster to us. Julia and I got up early and posted mail, sent back my busted PC to the states, and obtained Japanese money for our Japan trip. It was not easy getting the Yen as we had to find an American Express office in London while we were standing on Oxford Street in down town London.

Julia and Charles.

So we called the Mary 24 hour hotline information service. So as always Mary looked after us and found the nearest American Express office for us on her computer and then called us back. Thanks Me-Moz!

Sacha in the playground.

After all of these mundane tasks we headed for Hackney which is where Lenka, Sacha, and Charles Julia's brother live. We stayed with them in December when we first arrived in London.

It was great to see them all again and Lenka and Charles made us a terrific lunch. Then Sacha got up from his nap and we took him to the play ground where he climbed, and jumped, and slid down everything.

It was really cold again in London. So we soon headed back to Charley's place and the warm. Lenka bought Charley the complete set of Laurel and Hardy DVDs so we watched a couple of their better films.

From Julia: It was so great to see my gorgeous and cute nephew Sacha. I felt very sad to say goodbye to everyone over the last couple of days, but very happy to be heading off to Japan to meet Lawrie and Andy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Julia at Greenwich Observatory.

We went to see the Royal Observatory today. This is where the zero meridian is located and so you can have one foot east of the zero meridian and one foot west of it at the same time. I am not sure what this really does for you but it seems cool. To get there we took a Thames ferry so we also got to see the views of London from the river. It was a nice sunny day (although extremely cold) so the view was particularly good today.

The Belfast.

My Dad served in the Royal Navy during the Korean War on a ship called the Belfast. The Belfast had a distinguished career during the second world war and Korean War and is now moored in the Thames since 1971 and is open to the public. I visited it on one of my earlier visits to London. My Dad had an operation performed on him in the infirmary on the Belfast; you can see the operating theatre on the tour.

West Minster Video
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