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Cape Town:

The Napa of South Africa

The "Table Cloth" rolling over Table Mountain

Cape Town is definitely a picturesque city. From most places in the metropolis, you get spectacular views of Table Mountain and Lions Head Mountain, as they are the backdrop to the conurbation. If you are lucky you will experience, what locals refer to as, the "table cloth" rolling over Table Mountain. Not unlike the fog that rolls in over San Francisco this phenomenon is a blanket of mist that regularly covers the mountain.

A nice walk to take while in Cape Town is to the lovely park known as the Company Gardens. Near the park is the Slave Lodge museum. It is not the most up lifting of places to visit, but you will learn some things about the history of Cape Town by visiting. A short drive from down town is Camps Bay. This is a great place to have lunch and enjoy the ocean front views.

Another must-do day trip from Cape Town is to the wine country. It is the best part of a two-hour drive from down town on good highways and roads. You can visit such interesting places as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek; and you will pass through many other unpronounceable places along the way. A stop for some wine tasting at Zorgvliet Wineries, which is not unlike many wineries in the Napa Valley, is a must-do. The wine there is very good particularly the Pinot Noir and the Viognier. A good place to stop for lunch on your tour is La Petite Ferme, in Franschhoek. The food is good and very reasonably priced, plus the view is to die for; which is always the risk you take while travelling in South Africa. On your return, make sure you stop at the butterfly farm it is a wonderland of flying insects.

Cape Town is a beautiful place, but it is in South Africa so be prepared for displays of the worst kind of human nature. If you are prepared to take the risk, it is worth visiting Cape Town.

Watch a video from Signal Hill near Cape Town

Watch a video from Franschhoek

Watch a video from Table Mountain Cape Town


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