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Destination Australia

Western Australia

Perth Redux

After our wonderful experiences at the Cape Range National Park we continued our pleasure by returning to Perth. We really like this city, it's full of great places to eat, excellent walks, lots of shopping, and many lovely parks all embraced by the very beautiful Swan River. But only a short drive from the city center are many fabulous National Parks. So we were drawn to Yanchep National Park. Here we walked through the Australian bush engulfed by bird song and the oddest frog calls we'd ever heard. The park is also home to some transplanted Koalas, which entertained us as they lounged around in their forest home.

No trip to this lovely city would be complete without a sail down the Swan River and a visit to Rottnest Island the home of the extremely cute: Quakka. Yes, I know this sounds like a made up Disney creature, but they are very real, and very rare tiny marsupial critters. Julia and I had enjoyed good luck with the weather so far on our journey around this land down under, until our day on Rottnest Island. During our hike around this tiny atoll off the coast of Perth the skies opened up and poured forth upon us. Within minutes we were drenched along with our Quakka friends. It was a long cold sail back to the mainland and up the Swan River back to our hotel, but we both agreed it was worth the soaking to experience this incredible place and its marsupial inhabitants.

Melbourne is our next stop and we look forward to seeing all of my family, but not to the cold and rainy weather awaiting us there. Here's hoping for blue skies.


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