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Milford Sound


Sunday, August 26, 2007

A spectacular view along our drive to the Milford Sound.

Fred continued to ski this day at Treble Cone but Lawrence and I decided to head off to the Milford Sound for a day of touring. Milford Sound, it turns out, is not a sound after all but a fiord. The difference is that fiords are formed from millions of years of glacial erosion, which is how Milford Sound was formed, and sounds are not formed by glaciers.

The Milford Sound.

The drive to Milford Sound took us three hours and had us pass through some of New Zealand's most stunning countryside. We passed green fields filled with sheep, dear, and cattle. We passed tall snow covered mountains shrouded in clouds. We passed steep snow covered cliffs prone to avalanches.

We passed through the Homer tunnel carved right through the heart of a mountain range to arrive at a place unlike any I have ever seen before; the Milford Sound.

My shipmate.

Because glaciers had cut into the mountain rock what is left are tall mountain peaks covered with snow that have very straight cut sides. These cliffs allow hundreds of waterfalls to flow down in from the Tasman Sea. The Tasman Sea is the body of water which separates New Zealand from Australia.

Because the mountains at Milford Sound are covered with snow, and that it rains at times nine meters a year, Milford Sound is covered with rain forest plants, and is inundated by waterfalls. Lawrence and I boarded a boat and took a three hour cruse of Milford Sound. The cruse gave us a close up view of the sound. Its course took us to the mouth of the sound and back. What a wonderful and inspiring trip this was.

See Milford Sound video


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