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Tokyo Japan

Goodbye Japan

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have encountered, in every part of Japan, what we believe to be the same species of eagle. Here is a shot we took of one from yesterday.

We woke up to blue skies this morning. The stormy weather we had been experiencing over the last few days seems to have left us. We went through our, now well rehearsed, packing ritual and after breakfast were once again on the train traveling at high speeds across the brightly lit Japanese countryside.

One thing I will miss about Hiroshima is the food. Each evening we were in town we went to a different restaurant and the style of food here is quite different from the rest of the country. In Hiroshima we encountered garlic, peppers, and more meat in their dishes. The food was very spicy and delicious.

We used our now improved Tokyo subway skills and found our hotel without fuss. It was not much like the pictures on the web but it had everything we needed, all be it a bit small.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Here is a shot of a Torii gate which represents the gateway between the spiritual and earthly realms and for us represents the passage from our world to the world of Nippon.

Today has been a day of packing, shopping, eating, relaxing, and chocolate. I know this must be hard for you to believe but we really feel we need a vacation after this trip around Japan. I know you hate us, but it has been grueling.

Here is our one of the fondest memories of our visit.

For the whole month of February we have been in Japan. We have visited ten locations, eaten at least one ton of fish each, drank several gallons of sake, skied, hiked, toured, traveled on slow and fast trains, buses, and taxies. We learnt enough Japanese to be beaten at Japanese-scrabble by a one year old. We have seen some of the most beautiful places we have ever seen, snow, hills, mountains, and rivers. We have met friendly generous people and evil bat munching witches. We have expanded our education of this mystical place called Japan.

From Julia: I had a fish and unidentifiable content sandwich for breakfast today and felt quite sad to be leaving the land of such delicacies. It really was good. I am looking forward to Thailand even though David assures me that the new government banned massage. It"ll still be good to have Thai food and 90 degree heat. Thank you to Japan for giving us such pleasures and adventures!

Goodbye Japan Video
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