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Plea to keep our fire abatement program herbicide free


Sort sighted government

Dear Mayor, I am writing in concern about the planned use of herbicides as a part of the Oakland fire abatement project in the hills. I understand the need for fire abatement, however, I think it is irresponsible to use herbicides in areas of wildlife habitat, and where hikers, dog-owners and their pets frequent. Can you be 100% certain that the chemicals in these products will be harmless to wildlife, including fish, bees, and birds, as well as to people and their pets? Do you feel comfortable knowing that children and animals may be exposed to these chemicals? Do you really know how the use of these chemicals may impact wildlife habitats such as the creeks? I am not certain that anyone can guarantee 100% safety in the use of these products.

There are alternatives to control weeds, tree regrowth, or brush. Organic farmers do not use these products, instead they hire workers to hoe and weed. Please reconsider the use of these chemicals -- any risk of toxicity to any living creature is too big a price for us to pay. Please keep our precious Oakland parks herbicide-free.

Thank you for your consideration,

Julia Buss RN, PhD


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