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Honolulu, Kona, Hawaii

World Trip Two

Tuesday, March 31, 2009: Hawaii

(Yodel Le He Ho)

The trip to New Zealand from San Francisco can take 16 hours or more. So we decided to break up this grueling flight with a short stop in Hawaii. After landing at Honolulu (top middle island in the picture) we took a short flight to Kona on the big Island (bottom island on the right). It is very clear from this photo that the Hawaiian Islands sit on top of an under sea mountain range. We are effectively vacationing in the mountains.

Julia slowly becoming Hawaiian.

Julia and I have both been to Kona before, but many years ago. Not much has changed. Kona is still edged by beautiful black volcanic rock shores and cliffs.

The pace still moves like molasses flowing in an English winter. The air is still clean and the ocean is still endless.

Julia told me that she got her first lei here in Honolulu.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009: Kona, Hawaii

A tropical spider.

We felt compelled to go for a walk today after yesterday's traveling and lounging. However, the only place (at this resort) to take a long walk was on the golf course. So like two school children sneaking out of class Julia and I tippy toed onto the immaculate fairways. We walked quietly past golfers and tried to become invisible when passing grounds staff. All the way we pasted every kind of tropical flower, birds, and to Julia's horror spiders.

Eventually we could no longer take the stress of trespassing on hallowed golfing grounds and left for the public road. We felt relieved to not be encroaching on the private field of ball-bangers, but the street was nowhere near as scenic. The surprise was coming across several wild goats grassing at the side of the road.

The rest of the afternoon was spent by and in the pool, drinking Mai Tai, and sleeping under the cabana.

Wednesday, April 2, 2009

We found another great walk today. This stroll had us walking for only minutes on a golf course. It mainly followed the rocky coastline. At one point we came across a very rock-strewn "almost beach" and could not resist trying to go for a swim. Because of the rocks and waves it was very difficult to get in the ocean. At one point Julia got knocked over and cut her finger. No serious damage but it was enough for us to give up on a swim in the rocky ocean.

Hawaii Video

Trip stats

Miles Flown: 2,388

Miles Hiked: 12


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