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Destination Australia

The Northwest Cape

Cape Range National Park

The primordial seafloor rose up and the ancient highly compacted sandstone became exposed to the atmosphere. This was the beginnings of the Australian continent's most westerly point: the Northwest Cape. In time the land became dry and covered with harsh Australian flora. Everything pointy and sharp evolved to protect against everything else that wants to eat it. Over the eons whatever rain fell on this harsh land carved gorges and ravines with intricate fractal patterns making the amorphous blob of red, yellow, and orange sandstone interesting and difficult to traverse. This unfamiliar desert wilderness became Julia's and my home for the next four days of our trip to the land down under. Fortunately for us, positioned on the edge of a beautiful sandy beach is the Sal Salis glamping resort. It protected us from the dry, hot, cold, and extreme surroundings, offering us friendly staff, good food, much to drink, and great companionship.

We snorkeled on the world famous Ningaloo Reef where we experienced some of the most stunning coral reef we've ever seen and so many different tropical fish. We jumped into the vastness of the Indian Ocean and swam with the gentle giant Whale Sharks. We walked into the hinterland and spotted rock wallabies lounging about the red gorges. We spied great red kangaroos as they boxed each other for dominance. We wondered at emus as they grazed in the distance. And we in the end fell in love with what seems at first an extremely harsh land, but is really very, very beautiful in its own unforgiving way.

You must experience the place before you are no more.


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