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Homo Cosmiens:

Judith Morgan

Judith's brown skin and her slenderness was part of her beauty. She was taller than average, but only a little. Her long frizzy black hair had a small tuft of white. It ran from the left side of her forehead in a thin white line, to the back of her head. She had a kind face, one of concern and perpetual interest. Her broad nose and long philtrum only added to her cute expression.

She tossed her long black hair from her face as she scanned the monitors. Her slender and long fingers poked rapidly on the keyboard. She was too excited to sit still. Her slim tall figure contrasted sharply with the electronics and equipment boxes stacked in neat rows about the room. It was very early in the morning and it had been a long night for Judith; it was time for her to go home to bed. Judith's routine included working at the telescope until 4:00 a.m. and then returning home where she would sleep until one or two in the afternoon. It was the only way she could catch up on the sleep she missed working late into the night and early morning at the telescope.

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