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Continental Drifting:


The "God's Window" escarpment in the Drakensberg Mountains, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Call me Africa. You took your first steps on my soil and you became human in my lands. Today, one billion, or about 15% of your species, live within my territory. I am an immense land, covering 6% of the Earth's surface area. I overflow with stupendous jungles, forests, grasslands, mountains, lakes, deserts, rivers, exceptional fauna, flora, and many of your human cultures. I have a reputation for danger. It is true that I am home to some very dangerous animals, and I do possess some of the world's most hazardous terrain. However, the most harmful force within me is you. Your species is so variable; all of you are capable of both unspeakable savagery and unadulterated good. My people's brutal histories of colonization, war, their poverty, and the extreme environments of my lands, have engendered much violence and crime. However, the benefits of experiencing me far outweigh the risks of traveling my perilous roads. Those hungry for travel come to me; I am hungry for you.


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