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Koh Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui, known as Samui by locals, is an island off the southeast coast of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand. Ko Samui is about a 60-minute flight from Bangkok. It is the third largest island in Thailand, with an area of 88 square miles and a population of over 50,000 (2008). The island has accommodation for every need, very inexpensive shacks to extremely expensive resorts, and everything in between.

If you like vacations filled with warm tropical days, body temperature oceans, long walks on beaches, and good food this is the place for you. It is a tropical wonderland, but like all tropical environments it is prone to downpours so be prepared.

When anywhere in Thailand, you will find Thai massage and Ko Samui is no exception. Massage is available on the beach, in your hotel, on the main street, everywhere. At night, the local custom is to set-off fireworks. On every beach men will, for a small fee, sell you and launch skyrockets. You can walk the beaches at night where you will find restaurants displaying their freshly caught fish on tables. You get to pick your seafood and have them prepare it in the way you wish. If you like, the flavours of Thai food you must experience cooking on Ko Samui. In fact, if you wish to learn how to cook Thai food yourself there are many cooking schools on the island. Check for one option.

The seedy-side of Ko Samui is its sex industry, which exploits very, very young local people. In addition, there is little in the way of infrastructure on the island. Locals and tourists all dart about, on the small and rough roads, on motor scooters without helmets or any protection. It is not surprising that many die horribly from road accidents every day. You can insulate yourself from this issue by restricting yourself to your resort, but be aware that this is all part of the nature of Ko Samui.

The hinterland in the southwestern part of the island is very different from the beaches and resorts. There you will find lush tropical rain forest. It is extremely rewarding to hike through these jungles. Your recompense will be seeing glorious waterfalls and very exotic plants and animals.

Koh Samui is a must-see destination and we haven"t talked about the SCUBA diving yet. That is the topic of my next article.

Thai House Beach Resort is a great place to stay on the island. Here is its contact information: 131 Moo 3, T.Maret, Koh Samui, Surattani, Thailand 84310, Tel: 66 77 418 005, Fax: 66 77 418 007, email:

Flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui: cost between $294 and $412.


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