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Skiing in 2010

Heavenly, with snow!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Real snow at Heavenly!

As we drove up to South Lake Tahoe it poured with rain. Julia and I were hopeful that the rain would turn to snow as we climbed higher into the mountains.

However, it just kept falling as we pulled into the driveway of our friends Scott and Dina's home in South Lake Tahoe. We made ourselves comfortable and talked about not going out skiing the next day if it was still raining. No sooner had the words left our lips and the rain turned to lovely, white, fluffy snow! It did not stop snowing all night until the next morning. Yippee!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Even Nevada was covered in snow.

The sky was overcast when we woke, but there was no wind and lots and lots of fresh snow. So Julia and I rugged up and headed out to the slopes. Interestingly the last time we skied at Heavenly it was on frozen concrete.

And last week in Canada the snow conditions were the same. So it was fantastic to be skiing on real soft snow. All of the hard edging we had been forced to make while skiing the icy conditions helped us both improve our skiing on the soft stuff. Julia really is starting to feel comfortable and looking more and more like a pro-skier every outing. We skied all day until the lifts closed then dragged ourselves back to Scotts; tired but satisfied of a good day of skiing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The snow bunny.

We woke up to sunshine this morning. No new snow had fallen, but it had remained cloudy all night which helped keep the snow soft. However, the wind had picked up a bit.

Back out for another day on the slopes. Strangely the California side of Heavenly was sunny all day and the Nevada side was in cloud all day. So Julia and I could move in and out of sunshine at will; and we did.

The was a great was a fantastic ski trip.

Skiing 2010 Video Part 1


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