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Destination Australia


Day Six and Seven

The long six hour flight from Sydney to Perth began today. Julia and I whiled away the time by watching the really silly, but somewhat entertaining, movie Chappie.

“Chappie doesn't like that you say his movie is silly.”

This is what will happen to you once you are exposed to the constant jabbering from the speech impaired South African robot as he begins to discover what humans are really like. Oh well, it was a bit of fun.

We landed in Perth Western Australia after traveling 10,000 miles in six days. Man, that works out to over a 1,000 miles of travel per day. I can assure you Julia and I are both feeling the drain from all this constant motion.

After falling into a coma the night we arrived in Perth we sprang out of bed the next day ready to explore Kings Park and the cities' lovely botanical gardens. We walked over 10 miles up hill and down dale and took in as much of the beauty this lovely city has to offer. By the time we'd finished our batteries had completely run down and we were once again ready to sleep in this land, which is the furthest place, in this wide world, we could be from home.

From the dark distant dream time came us all

It's just our thinking makes it so

A serpent's belly in which we grow

But it's just our thinking makes it so

The platypus and emu left the sky above

It's just our thinking makes it so

They formed the Earth and man to-go

It's just our thinking makes it so

But now we're here and we must survive

But it's just our thinking makes it so


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