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Bay Area Ridge Trail

East Bay Section

December 26, 2010

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is realizing the vision of a 550-mile continuous trail for hikers, equestrians, and bicyclists around the Bay Area. So far, over 330 miles of trail are open to enjoy today and protected for future generations. Long distance trails are all about making connections. The Ridge Trail links people to open space near where they live, connects communities to each other, and creates and preserves a natural corridor for wildlife and critical habitat. Trails satisfy and sustain us—mind, body, and spirit. The Ridge Trail offers these benefits for all to enjoy today and as a legacy for future generations.

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Kennedy Grove

Today Julia and I have completed almost 90% of the East Bay section of Bay Area Ridge Trail. We started early in 2010 and have walked 35 miles from Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area (near El Sobrante in the North Bay) through the Oakland Hills to the Willow Park Golf Course near Lake Chabot in Hayward. We estimate we have two hikes left to complete the full East Bay section. These last two hikes will take us from Willow Park Golf Course to Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area, across highway 580 to end at the Don Castro Regional Recreation Area.

Kennedy Grove

We really hope to complete the East Bay section of Bay Area Ridge Trail before the end of 2010. It has taken us the whole year because we have been slack and distracted by the plethora of other great hikes around the Bay Area and California and Oregon.

Wildcat Canyon

Because we had an old trail guide, Julia and I have actually started the hike twice. The old guide had us start at the beginning of the year at Wildcat Canyon. This was the old starting point the trail currently begins at Kennedy Grove. However, it was a terrific walk from Wildcat Canyon with spectacular views of the bay.

Mount Diablo

The next few hikes took us through Tilden, Sibley Volcanic, Huckleberry, Redwood, and Chabot Regional parks. Julia and I have walked in many of these sections of the hike numerous times before, but it is always a pleasure to be out on these trails.

December 30, 2010

Boy, Julia and I completed a very big hike today. Our cumulative climb was 3,000 feet and we walked 14 miles. But did we get some great views of the Bay Area and San Francisco. This hike is the second last hike for us to complete the East Bay section of the Bay Area Ridge trail.

Cull Canyon

We hoped to complete the whole thing before the New Year, but we fell one section short. Oh well, we will get to it in 2011.

Cull Canyon


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