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Buenos Aires

The city of good airs

Floralis Generica Sculpture in Un Plaza, Recoleta

Buenos Aires is only 6,451 miles from San Francisco, as the crow flies. Or a 13 hour and 30 minute flight. It's a longish trip as these things go, but it is sure worth the effort. A good way to reduce the stress of the journey is to make a stop-over in Florida; there you can soak up some sun on your way to the city of good airs.

The Wilton hotel (yes the Wilton not the Hilton) is a quick taxi ride from the Buenos Aires airport. You"ll be tucked away and dreaming of electric sheep before you can say blade runner. The Wilton is neither a great hotel nor a bad one; it is clean, safe, and very central. You"ll be able to enjoy to the sounds of Buenos Aires city traffic through your open window as you drift off to sleep.

If you have a longer stay in mind (recommended) then consider an apartment in Palermo Hollywood. Palermo Hollywood is a suburb of Buenos Aires and it takes its name from all of the movie, TV, and radio production companies in the area not to mention the numerous actors that live there. The neighborhoods will remind you of many San Francisco neighborhoods, only with very uneven sidewalks, a trademark of Buenos Aires.

The food in the city of good airs is delicious and inexpensive. For $20 US you"ll gulp down a gourmet lunch for two that will consist of a first, a main, sparkling water, and three glasses of wine! There are many local neighborhood restaurants to choose from, so you will find something you like. However, be prepared to eat dinner late, as it is the custom there not to start dinner until around 10:00pm.

The Buenos Aires Botanical Garden near the zoo is positively worth a walk around. It is filled with native plants and the zoo next door is filled with native fauna. Of course just walking around the downtown is a terrific experience too. Tour the city center and do some clothes shopping there is generally a good exchange rate between the US dollar and the Argentine Peso. Buenos Aires is famous for ladies "tango" shoes. These are stiletto heeled shoes that are claimed to be extremely comfortable to wear; even while dancing the tango.

No trip to Buenos Aires would be complete without visiting Florida Street in the city center. It is a long pedestrian mall filled with activity and shopping and the famous tango street performers, very entertaining.


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