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Skiing in 2010

Park City, Utah

Sunday, February 7, 2010: Oakland to Salt Lake City Utah

Julia and I were both keen to leave on this ski trip. First Julia would get to see Kim, her friend from Brown University. They had not seen each other in 10 years, so Julia was very excited about this. Kim welcomed us to her home and me as a new friend.

The lovely Park City

From here we drove on into the mountains to Park City to visit with Rick and Tomoko. It was good to see them both. Julia and I had not seen them since their marriage a year ago. There was lots of snow on the ground at Park City, but it had not had a fresh fall of snow for some time. We were hopeful it would snow for us while we were there.

Monday, February 8, 2010: Deer Valley Ski Resort

Our first day of skiing was at the Deer Valley ski resort. This place made us happy as it has banned Snow Boarders. Sorry to my Snow Boarding friends, but we just feel safer when everyone is on skies.

A gorgeous day at Deer Valley

The day was sunny and cold. And the snow conditions were very, very icy. So it was a day of mixed feelings. On one hand the weather was perfect for skiing. And on the other the snow conditions were very difficult. It was hard to enjoy skiing on inflexible icy slopes. However, Deer Valley does have the best on mountain restaurant I have ever eaten at, so that was good. We made the best of it and skied all day.

That night we enjoyed Rick and Tomoko's company at dinner.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010: Park City Ski Resort

It was another clear blue sky day today, but really cold. I mean freezing cold in the morning and the rest of the day too. Rick and Tomoko joined Julia and me skiing.

Julia, the masked avenger, Rick and Tomoko

The snow conditions at Park City where better than at Deer Valley. The only reason this could be is the snow grooming process used at Park City, which is different than at Deer Valley. The two resorts are so close to each other it is the only thing that can explain why the runs at Park City had softer snow on them. They still could have done with new snow, but it was better skiing than the runs at Deer Valley yesterday.

That night we enjoyed Rick and Tomoko's company at dinner again. Much wine was consumed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010: Canyons Ski Resort

No snow overnight and another bright blue morning greeted us this day. I have been coming to Park City for many years now, but I had never skied at the Canyons Ski Resort before.

Tomoko and Julia at the Canyons

So this day we decided to give it a go. I must say this place did not impress me. First you have to take three lifts from the parking lot before you can start skiing. So it is a long ride to the first ski. The resort is big, really big, but it is like a rat maze of cat tracks connecting the various different areas. You spend a lot of time skiing on cat tracks when skiing at the Canyons. Plus the snow conditions were much like Deer Valley, very icy. Oh well you pays your monies and you takes your chances with skiing.

We had another great dinner where we continued to enjoy much wine.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010: Return home

Finally it started to snow on the very day we left Park City. We had no luck with fresh snow on this trip. The good news is it is a short flight from Salt Lake City to Oakland and it was good to be home again.

Thanks Kim, Rick, and Tomoko helping Julia and I have a great time in Utah.

Skiing 2010 Video Part 2


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