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Flying the Edge of America


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Here is a map of our planned route.

Well, Julia and I just cannot stand still and so we are planning our next adventure. This time we will not leave the borders of the good old US of A, for foreign parts, but instead we will focus our travels around the United States. In fact, we intend to fly our airplane around the edges of the contiguous United States. If we are successful we will be the first (I believe) people to do this. We could not find any record of this being done before, at least from our limited searches of the Internet, so we believe this to be a first.

The trip will take approximately three months. I do mean approximately as flying general aviation aircraft is highly dependent on the weather. But given good weather we plan to leave on June 30th and return home on October 2nd.

As you can see from this map we stay as close to the edges as possible only deviating to avoid military airspace, and making visits to national parks we just do not want to miss. Glacier and Yellow Stone National parks pull us away from the northern border for a little while, but believe me we really aren't missing much.

Here are some of the criteria that directed our trip planning:

  • The maximum flight time per day should not exceed four hours.

  • The flight track will stay as close as possible to the west coast, Canadian United States border, east coast, and Mexican United States borders.

  • The trip will stop at as many National Parks as possible.

  • Visit friends throughout the United States where possible.

  • See as much of the United States as we can, and have as much fun as possible.

Here is a photo of our airplane. It is a Commander 112A and is a beautiful thing.

We are flying in a clockwise direction to ensure we are in the northern parts during the summer and the southern parts in the fall. The weather is always very unpredictable but our biggest concern is flying down the eastern seaboard during the hurricane season. If all goes well we will not have to spend too long on the ground waiting, due to bad weather.

Today the airplane was given a clean bill of health after passing its yearly mechanical inspection. Also today we purchased the final items we need for the camping parts of our trip such as a tent and other camping necessities.

Wish us good luck and watch out for trip updates.

Trip Plan Video


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