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Marin Headlands San Francisco

Hiking and Bird Watching

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preethi and Julia rugged up against the morning cold.

Julia and I picked up Preethi on Sunday so we could drive to the Marin Headlands for some raptor spotting and hiking.

The weather was dreary in the morning, as you can see from the sky in this shot of Preethi and Julia, but it did clear up in the afternoon. Still San Francisco always seems gorgeous no matter what the weather is doing.

In this photo we captured a Turkey Vulture in full glide.

This is the time of year when many different species of raptors or birds of prey migrate south for better feeding grounds. Because these birds do not like to fly over water, but do like to follow the coastline on their trek south, the Marin Headlands becomes a great vantage point to view these magnificent birds. The reason the Marin Headland is a special spot is because it is bracketed by the Pacific Ocean on the west side and the San Pablo Bay on the east side funneling the birds onto the narrow headlands.

It got warmer in the afternoon.

It was quite funny how we got this and several other photos of this raptor in flight. We had walked up to Hawk Hill which is where all of the very enthusiastic bird watchers and ornithologists gathered to view the migrations. We saw a few birds in the distance but were not very impressed. Then, as we were walking down from Hawk Hill, we got these close up shots of the very thing they were all looking for.

We took the car down to the beginning Costal Trail and we headed out for a four hour hike up and down the beautiful Marin Headlands hills. The weather did eventually clear up and we all had a great time hiking.


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