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National Park

Day one

We arrived late yesterday afternoon after a very long day of flying and driving to the Lazy G Motel in West Yellowstone. We stayed here back in 2008 while flying the edge of America.

Today we begin our exploration of this wonderful place.

Day two

Walked 12 miles yesterday around The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This place is so beautiful it is very hard to explain the feelings that are summoned by the sulfur and brimstone cliffs. Our walk took us right through hot springs and bubbling mud fields.

Day three

A lovely eight mile walk yesterday took us to a secluded waterfall and to our own private geyser. We were escorted by malting bison along the way. The day ended with Old Faithful erupting a jet of water high into the bright blue sky.

Day four

Nursing a sore toe I left the others, and stayed in West Yellowstone, as they returned to the park for another great day of hiking and sightseeing.

This tiny hamlet has, surprisingly, everything you might need on a day of convalescing. From fishing tackle to expresso. Being a fan of IMAX films I enjoyed watching the big screen story of Yellowstone very much.

Day five

Cincinnati is calling this morning. In the middle of our vacation NIOSH in Cincinnati called Julia to persuade her to take her newly earned skills and apply them there. What will happen? Will the dynamic duo leave the bastion of hope and cradle of reason that is San Francisco, for the undiscovered countries of Cincinnati? Only time will tell.

Yesterday the fully functional part of our traveling band walked many more miles of the Yellowstone backcountry. There they encountered bison, beavers, osprey, prairie dogs, and more exposure to the unending beauty that is Yellowstone.

Our last day in this wonderful park and the rain held off until just before we finished our touring. Surely, that must prove the existence of god?

Regardless, we had a glorious time in an amazing place. Bye, bye Yellowstone.


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