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New Zealand:

The Beautiful South Island

The lovely southern city of Wellington

Typically, when driving New Zealand, the way to the South Island is via its lovely southern city of Wellington. From here you will drive onto a ferry, sail across the Cook Strait, navigate the magnificent Marlborough Sounds, and disembark at the charming little seaside town of Picton.

Once settled, in the real beauty spot of Picton, a recommended walked is to Bob's Bay - no idea who Bob is. On this walk you will find yourself lost in a forest of antipodean flora and surrounded by views of the stupendous Marlborough Sounds.

The real beauty spot of Picton

Picton Video

If you enjoy the walk in Picton then a short speedboat ride will have you at the beginning of the Queen Charlotte Track. This is a serious multi-day hike, if you completed all of it, but it is possible to spend only a day on this magnificent hike. Queen Charlotte Track is what many people come to New Zealand for; it is an absolutely gorgeous place with amazing forests, exotic bird song, and spectacular views. You can hike just 10 miles from the beginning of the Queen Charlotte Track at Ship Cove. Ship Cove is where Captain James Cook made several landings on his voyage of discovery of New Zealand and Australia. You will end your day hike at the Furneaux Lodge, where you can enjoy a cold beer.

The veiw from the Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Video

Come join me explore more of the stupendous South Island of New Zealand.


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