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Bangkok (city of angels)

Magnificent temples (by David Millett)

Bangkok has two faces. On one hand, it is a big modern city full of new buildings, shopping malls, and elevated trains. As a direct result of the 1980s and 1990s Asian investment boom, numerous multinational corporations base their regional headquarters in Bangkok. On the other hand, it is a colourful, old, and grungy city filled with temples, streets overflowing with people, and nosy Tuk Tuks.

Because of its duel natures, you can find great places to stay and shop that are very western, while at the same time immerse yourself in very Asian places and cultures. One of the things you must not miss while in the city of angles is a Thai massage. Thai massage is like having yoga performed on you by a masseuse. It is a painful and yet pleasurable experience, all at the same time.


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