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Homo Cosmien


Akira hardly slept all night; she was so excited about her trip and new life. "It is all going to happen today," she thought as she jumped out of bed. "I can't sleep anymore I have to get up."

A disembodied voice in her head asked, "Miss Akira, what are you doing?"

"Oh shush! Femi you are such a fusspot." Akira scolded her virtual companion.

The voice responded tersely into her mind, "Akira you have a long day ahead of you. You need to finish packing, you have your party, and then you have the eight hour trip to Ziaeke; you need your sleep."

"Oh nonsense Femi I will be fine. Besides I want to make sure I have my dissertation in order for Doctor Ainsworth." This thought put a frown on her smooth long face. "And I have decided to attend his lecture this morning," she added.

Akira got up out of her bed and glided across the room; the supple curves of her naked body barely visible in the dark. Once at her bathroom she brushed her long silky brown hair. Her epicanthic folds gave her eyes an attractive almond shaped appearance, and her dark black eyelashes highlighted her young beauty.

"Femi, what time is the party this afternoon?"

"At one o"clock Miss Akira," responded her companion.

Akira finished showering and was soon eating breakfast. She poured over her thesis making last minute adjustments to the text. Her long hair, running mainly in straight lines, parted gently at her forehead and swept past her eyes. Her beauty and youth formed her outer shell, but Akira was also brilliant. She had graduated summa cum laude from New Panama University majoring in anthropology. Her paper entitled: "Who were the ancestors of modern Homo cosmiens?" clinched her doctorate in the discipline. She loved this area of research. For Akira Homo habilis, rudolfensis and georgicus, ergaster and erectus, cepranensis and antecessor, heidelbergensis, rhodesiensis, neanderthalensis, floresiensis, and finally Homo sapiens held the answers to exactly who she was. Homo sapiens were the most interesting of all to her. Understanding them was everything right now. The Vessel had little knowledge of their natures. To add to the greater body of knowledge was the most prized achievement possible for any Homo cosmien.

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