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Grand Canyon


Time keeps repeating itself and with enough time you forget the pain -- or pleasure -- of past events. So it is with my planned revisit to: Grand Canyon. My brother Lawrie and I did this same trip back in 2007 -- when I was a younger man. So enough time has passed -- I guess -- for me to forget the pain and suffering I underwent to complete this amazing trip.

Julia and I will be hiking down into this mammoth hole-in-the-ground and -- more importantly -- back out of it. We plan to take a day, to hike down the Kaibab trail, to overnight camp at the Bright Angel Campground. The next day we'll begin our climb out, up 3,000 feet, to stop half way up and overnight camp at the Indian Garden Campground. The very next day -- come rain, hail, snow, or blisters -- we'll climb the remaining 3,000 feet to exit at the Bright Angel Trailhead.

Any way that's the plan and I must say I'm getting excited about the idea of seeing the amazing scenery of Grand Canyon once again.

In preparation for our trip Julia and I have been hiking 4 miles a day and 1,400 feet up and down the Redwood Regional trails while carrying our 40 pound backpacks! Yes, 40 pounds is what it takes to carry our food, water, and camp gear for three days of overnight camping. The good news is our training has been slowly getting easier to recover from with each hike.

We'll keep you posted on our progress and share our photos and videos with you. Enjoy.

The hike

Our Grand Canyon backpacking trip went great. We followed our plan and hiked in and out in three days. We were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone the whole time and there was no ice at the rim. Quite unusual for February.

Julia and I decided we really like backpacking and have several other trips planned now.

Here is the video of our Grand Canyon trip. Enjoy...


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