Pacific Book Review

I knew from the start I needed to fasten my mental seat belt when I began Homo Cosmiens...

So unfolded the storyline by David Millett; expertly embellished with his extraordinary use of vocabulary, vernacular, and vision...

This book is about as original a work as I have experienced...

Reviewed by: Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

Midwest Book Review

What is the future of humanity, when they stop being humanity? "Homo Cosmiens" is a work of science fiction looking to ask the question of the next step in human evolution. An extraterrestrial artificial intelligence visits Earth and gives Earth what they need to fast forward their technological development. But such a rapid shift in humanity's future, what will become of people, and what will become of the planet? Asking and answering many fascinating questions, Homo Cosmiens" is a choice pick for science fiction collections.

An extraterrestrial computer intelligence (the Vessel) arrives in Earth's orbit. It plugs into, and takes control of all, human telecommunication systems. The Vessel seems benign and offers all its knowledge to everyone for free. The Vessel's knowledge fast-forwards human technology. We benefit, yet the very future of humanity is at risk.

Homo Cosmiens is a journey into Earth's future. Will any part of our humanity survive? By taking us to a future utopian world the book holds up a mirror to Homo sapiens, for us to examine who we are through the adventures, of a new species on Earth: the Homo cosmiens.

Take a Chance, music by Robert Vallecorse