Midwest Book Review

With plenty of full color photos of their journey, "Flying the Edge of America" is an adventure story that may inspire imitators as it is one like none else.

Ian J. Twombly, AOPA

For pilots who love reading about a good flying adventure.

Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

Together they unfold a duet of trust, friendship and invite you into a love story while masking it an adventure chronicle.

Marta Yamamoto, Correspondent the Oakland Tribune

Through script and photographs, the authors hope readers see America through the lens of two new Americans.

In the summer of 2008 we flew our small, single engine, airplane around the edges of the contiguous United States of America. Along the way, we encountered America's small towns, National Parks, and National Monuments. On the most dangerous and exciting adventure of our lives we flew into unanticipated ghastly weather, thunderstorms, and brushed with hurricanes. In the end, we discovered a land much more complex than we had imagined, far larger than we could believe, and more beautiful than we dreamed possible. This book is the story of our flight around the edge of America, and the journey that brought us to a deeper understanding and love of our adopted country.