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Macedo Ranch

Mount Diablo State Park

February, 2017

What a lovely time of year to hike in Mount Diablo State Park. The sun is sharp and warm and the air is brisk and cool. This combination makes for perfect hiking conditions. To make this walk even more amazing everything had become lush and green from all the rain we've had recently. This rain also had every creek and river running strongly adding to the wonder of the place.

We could not believe that there were so many flowers in bloom this time of year. Given the emerald green of the place, and the odd color thrown in now and then from the many wildflowers, the Macedo Ranch hike was awash with color. As it turns out Mount Diablo State Park is a beautiful place to walk in either winter or summer.

Part of our route was the Secret Valley Loop. It is a 6-mile 1,410 feet loop trail located near Walnut Creek, California. The trail is rated as moderate and offers several activity options. Horses are also able to use this trail.

Secret Valley has numerous vistas of Mt. Diablo, much of the East Bay, and up into Napa Valley. Down in Secret Valley the trail gives a solid sense of what the early explorers and settlers experienced in this part of the state. One absolutely gets the feeling of traveling down one of the old stagecoach roads.

Macedo Ranch


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