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The Dog

Festival Of Colors


Come one come all, come see my film: The Dog at the Festival of Colors on Aug 22 - Aug 28, 2015 from 2:00 PM - 11:58 PM EDT. The venue is the Art Cafe Bar in Brooklyn.

Art Cafe is a bar and venue connected to The Village @ Gureje, an arts center and creative community that brings together artists, teachers and leaders from Brooklyn and beyond.

The Festival of Colors is week-long film and arts festival in Art Cafe + bar. Daily screenings, workshops, parties, and performances all to bring together this budding artist hub.

Tickets for Workshop Participation will be listed as their own tickets.


- FREE Festival of Colors Cocktail

- Entry to Film Festival on ONE of THREE Days

- Complimentary Cocktail

- Free Admission to one of our ticketed concerts (restrictions apply).


- 3 FREE FOC cocktails

- Admission to ALL Ticketed Events (restrictions apply)

- Admission to all Screenings


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