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Buenos Aires Argentina

Overnight Stay

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It looks like it might be cold in this photo but in fact it was raining, quite warm, and very humid.

We left Miami at 8:00 pm on Friday and arrived in Buenos Aires very early on Saturday morning. I particularly dislike these overnight flights as I never seem to get any sleep on them. Lawrence bought a new bag in Miami that we were able to stuff his wounded backpack into.

I am writing this as we descend into Buenos Aires after our long over night flight. As I predicted I got only three hours sleep. Lawrence took a sleeping pill and slept for a few more hours. World travel seems so romantic until you have to spend 10 hours on a long distance flight, then the reality of it becomes clear: sleep deprivation torture.

We got in too early to check into the hotel directly so we dropped off our bags and were all taken (the Antarctic tour group) on a bus tour of Buenos Aires. This tour would have been fine under normal conditions but given how little sleep everyone had on the flight it was rather trying. I will feel better after a sleep.

On to Antarctica.


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