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South Beach Miami Florida

Overnight Stay

Thursday, November 16, 2007

Amazing Art Deco buildings are everywhere.

We left Orlando and arrived late in Miami on Thursday night. This time the flight was not so uneventful as Lawrence's bag got damaged during removal from the flight. So we spent an extra hour at the airport dealing with Continental's baggage people; a very trying experience.

I found a photo of Mina when we lasted visited Disneyland in 2006. She liked to visit every now and then and went there many times when she was growing up in LA.

What an interesting place South Beach Miami is, we got to spend the day there. I did not see one person over the age of 30. The whole place is run by 20 year olds; not that there's anything wrong with that.

The weather was just perfect for us as we walked the Lincoln road mall, drank coffee from sidewalk cafes, and ate a yummy breakfast.

We were one block from the beach and the Atlantic ocean so we had to go and stick our toes in.


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