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Independent filmmaking is an expensive business. You want to make the best production and keep costs to a minimum. Here at David Millett Publications (DMP) we know your pain. That's why we offer high quality services to independent filmmakers at affordable prices.

All of our services are offered at one low-cost rate of $45 per hour. To receive this competitive rate you must agree to include our 14 second video logo on your production.

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You have a camera, but you must ask yourself: what is going to be in each frame of my film? This is why planning your movie is so important.

Script editing

Every movie starts with a story and every story needs to be written down before you can turn it into a film. Good writing ends with great editing. We can help you with this at DMP. Our preferred tools are Final Draft or Microsoft Word.

Film breakdown and design

Your script is done, but now you need to break it down into its component parts. Props, costumes, characters, and locations; they need to be recorded, and itemized. If you know in advance the things you will require on your shoot days you will reduce your stress and costs. If you have a clear picture of the things you will need ultimately you will increase your production quality.

Here at DMP we use a proprietary tool to do this vital film breakdown work; it is just a data problem after all.

Storyboarding & shot list

If you know what you need to shoot before you start filming your production phase will become so much more artistically fulfilling. It has been said that a great film is made in the storyboard. This is so true, that is why it is extremely important to develop detailed storyboards. Here at DMP we use a combination of several tools to complete these extremely important steps, tools such as FrameForge Previz Studio and Adobe Photoshop.


Time is money and so it is in filmmaking. If you spend time working out your shooting schedule you will reduce the time it takes to capture those magnificent cinematic moments. Here at DMP we can assist you to create the most optimized schedule possible. We use our proprietary tool to achieve this important goal.


You have your plans complete. You have cast your actors and your crew is ready. Or is it? There are many elements that go into making a complete and capable crew. Here at DMP we offer three of these important crew elements.


What is a movie without photography? Not much really that is why it's extremely important to employ the best possible camera equipment and cinematic skills you can afford. Imagine if you went to all the trouble and expense of preproduction and you didn't manage to capture your magnificently design shots in an optimal way. What a shame that would be. Here at DMP we can help you with high quality and professional cinematography. We specialize in two camera shoots and use the stupendous super slow motion capable Sony PXW-FS5 35mm 4k camera and it's accomplished little brother the Sony-NEX-VG20.

Sound recording

On camera sound recording will get you only so far. After that you really need to spend time and effort to ensure you capture the best on location sound recording you can get. Sound is truly the unsung hero of motion pictures. It's one of those elements in a film that if it's done right no one will notice, but if it's done wrong it can crush your expensive production. Here at DMP we can assist you to record the best possible on location sound. We use the excellent AZDEN SGM-2X Professional Shotgun Microphone, the industry standard Sennheiser EW112PG3-A Wireless Lavalier Microphone System, and the amazing Zoom H4n to achieve this important goal.


Lights, camera, action! Notice that lights come first in this iconic motion picture aphorism. It is so true, lights and lighting should be very high on your priority list for your production. They above all else will communicate the feeling and mood of your film. Be they used to create classic effects like Chiaroscuro or just used to ensure your actors can be seen. Regardless, lights and lighting are an extremely important element. Here at DMP we can help you achieve great lighting for your film. We utilize a 1,600 Watt Tungsten Barn-door 3,200k color temperature Lighting Kit and a Soft-box 2,400 Watt daylight balanced 5,500k color temperature Lighting Kit, among other lights.

Post production

Okay your film is in the can and you're now ready to begin post production on it. They say that when you set out to make a film you end up making three films: the movie you wrote, the movie you filmed, and the movie that comes out of post-production. Here at DMP we can assist you with the following areas of post-production:

Visual editing and processing

Whether you're after an L cut or a Jump cut we can help you here at DMP. One of the most important aspects to film editing is order and organization. These elements seem mundane and not very sexy, but without them editing a film can become a real problem. Here at DMP we use the full Adobe Creative Cloud film post-production tool set: Premier Pro for editing and After Effects for special effects, animation, and motion graphics.

Audio processing & sound design

Recording good on-location sound is only the first step in optimizing your film's sound quality. Often even the best field recordings will require much post-production work to get them to a level usable in your film. Here at DMP we utilize Adobe Auditions to clean up poor quality location recordings. Sometimes, it isn't possible to fix a bad recording and Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) is your only option. At DMP we can offer ADR recording facilities to achieve this goal.

However, good dialog sound is just one element of a great film sound design the others are sound effects and music. Here at DMP we have access to a sound effects library of over 42,326 sounds and access to a vast library of royalty free film scores. Finally, DMP can create a 5.1 Dolby suround-sound mix for your film, which will move your production into another level of experience.

Movie assets

The work is done and your masterpiece is complete. Not yet. You still need to create your movie assets. Be they DVD or Blu-Ray Discs or H.246 or MOV or DCP files we here at DMP can help you. We specialize in the creation of professional and creative DVD or Blu-Ray Discs and more importantly their visual and audio menu systems. We utilize Sony's DVD Architect Pro for this job. And we use Adobe Media Encoder to create just about any digital media file format you'll need.

Distribution consulting

Now your film is complete you'll want people to see it. This is probably the toughest part of the whole independent filmmaking process: distribution. Fortunately, in today's Internet powered world there are many, many options to get your movie out there. It's a complicated and time consuming business and if you get it wrong your mistakes can cost you a lot of money. At DMP we can offer you advice and consult with you on the best distribution options to ensure your movie is seen by as many people as possible. And who knows, maybe become a commercial success.

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