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Book production and independent filmmaking are expensive businesses. You want to make the best production and keep costs to a minimum. Here at David Millett Publications (DMP) we know your pain. That's why we offer high quality services at affordable prices.

All our services are offered at one low-cost rate of $45 per hour. To receive this competitive rate, you must agree to include our logo on your book or film production.

Book Project

Production: Trim size selection, Cover design and creation, Paper book creation, e-Book creation, ISBN allocation

Distribution: Paper book distribution, e-Book distribution

Marketing: Reviews, Publicity, Promotional web sites, Social networking, Newspaper articles, Promotional videos, Amazon author bibliographies, On line promotions, Book readings, Book presentations

Advertising: Press releases, Google AddWords advertisements, Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn advertisements, YouTube promotional video creation, Microsoft adCenter advertisements

Film Project


Script editing

Film breakdown and design

Storyboarding & shot list




Sound recording


Post production:

Visual editing and processing

Audio processing & sound design

Distribution consulting


David Millett


David Millett is a digital artist. He is an accomplished author, filmmaker, producer of paper books, and eBooks. He loves writing, painting, and filmmaking.

Doctor Julia Buss

Director and author

Director and writer of documentary films. Julia is interested in nutrition and health. She loves fresh, local, organic food. And she loves to cook.

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    - Howard Zinn
  • "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."

    - Bertrand Russell

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