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To my living book

At this Living Book web site you can enjoy travel to far-off and exotic places without ever leaving your armchair. You will find travel articles and a journal of many exciting adventures here. Feel free to enjoy the many stories, photographs, and YouTube and Vimeo videos at this Living Book.

You'll also find the complete collection of My Art at this site.

My wife Julia and I have have written many paper and e-books and made several documentary and narrative films. Our books are all available at: Amazon. Our films our available at: YouTube. Please check them out and let us know what you think by posting a message on our blog.

In addition, make sure you join our email group so we can notify you when new content is posted to the site.

If you need help with a book or film project feel free to contact: David Millett Publications.

Regards David

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Books and Films from David Millett Publications

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